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Welcome to ShopMAX1

ShopMAX1  had its roots at the turn of the millennium when cloud computing was virtually unknown. We knew back then that business was going to be too hard to do with the constant frustration of update after update data loss from broken computers etc. and licensing nightmares for new users and untimely software expirations. So we embarked on a new road to find a way to truly make your management system invisible. Read on.

The difference in ShopMAX1

ShopMAX1 is designed to be the most versatile and transparent product you can have. ShopMAX1 can run two different ways to give you the options you want.
   Over the Internet or SaaS: This option leaves you free of worrying about data backups, data loss, or theft everything is offsite.
    As an Appliance: This option allows simpleplug and play in your existing network structure instant user access without addition licensing or end-user installs. Our appliances are completely solid-state so there are no fans to start rattling or hard drives to crash just peace & quiet also our units are meant for harsh environments so don't worry about shop conditions.

What sets us apart

  • From its very roots ShopMAX1 was designed knowing the future would hold unprecedented competition.
  • No longer where simple profit margin schemes or time consuming idiot proofing or even clever customer relations and marketing gimmicks enough.
  • Truth is nothing will save you from a job that is poor quality, takes too long and leaves the customer out of the loop.
  • So we built our platform on productivity and workflow management
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ShopMAX1 is a complete automotive management package.

  1. Service
  2. Parts
  3. Financial
  4. Marketing
  5. Client services